29 hours of waking consciousness in a row and I may finally go to sleep. god bless you all, god bless the earth.

gainesville people / UF students: show tomorrow night at The Jam on university avenue. 9pm. it’s gonna be tight.

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steph curry over harden for first team? nah. jamal crawford is winning 6th man.Anthony Davis wins MIP by the smallest of margins over Gerald Green. Popovich might steal this one this year

steph has a better stat line in almost every way. he scores one point less, gets more assists and rebounds, and plays better defense.

crawford will win 6th man, i’ll give you that, but this list is my opinion, not my prediction. but looking at my list again he does deserve to be at least 2. he’s neck and neck with taj in my eyes. i’ll fix that.

goran dragic is the most improved player and it’s not a discussion, i’ll guarantee he wins it, and deservedly so.

pop won’t get it even though he seemingly deserves it almost every year. kinda like belichick. gotta give it to hornascek for taking what many viewed as a bottom 5 team and making them a playoff worthy team (shame they didn’t get in).

Coach of the Year

1. Jeff Hornascek

2. Gregg Popovich

3. Tom Thibodeou

Defensive Player of the Year

1. Joakim Noah

2. Roy Hibbert

3. Serge Ibaka

Most Improved

1. Goran Dragic

2. Gerald Green

3. Anthony Davis


1. Kevin Durant

2. LeBron James

3. Blake Griffen

4. Steph Curry

5. Joakim Noah

Rookie of the Year

1. Michael Carter-Williams

2. Victor Oladipo

3. idk some guy…mason plumlee why not

Sixth Man of the Year

1. Taj Gibson

2. Jamal Crawford

3. Manu Ginobli

4. Markieff Morris

5. Marco “Lord Nelli” Belinelli

1st, 2nd, 3rd Team All-NBA

1. Chris Paul, Steph Curry, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Joakim Noah

2. Goran Dragic, James Harden, Paul George, Blake Griffin, Dwight Howard

3. Tony Parker, John Wall, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Love, Al Jefferson

1st, 2nd Team All-Defensive

1. Russell Westbrook, Mike Conley, Paul George, Serge Ibaka, Joakim Noah

2. Chris Paul, Avery Bradley, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Roy Hibbert


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Im so fuckin tired of people talking shit about america like what country makes money like us , has creative artist who are allowed to express themselves like us, are as free as us, has a badass military, and has other countries copying our style.

Like ok we do have some fuck ups but every country has fuck ups we just get blasted because our country is popular almost like a celebrity is a normal person who fucks up but gets vlasted because he or she is popular.

the united states isn’t the richest country in the world (doesn’t have the highest gdp), had notorious censorship for almost 100 years, has a government that constantly spies on its citizens, has thousands of people in jail for petty crimes, has one of the most expensive higher education systems in the world, etc etc etc

and our “badass military” has been used to get rid of democratically elected leaders in tons of other countries so like

yeah there’s reasons why we get blasted besides being “”“popular”“”


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" Would you believe in what you believe in if you were the only one who believed it? "
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